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    Daughter of the...
    If you want to get away from stressful life and you are bored of crowded places. Also, you want to see the Santa Claus and be surrounded by fresh and clean nature and maybe even play in the snow, then Finland is definitely the right place to visit!
    The backyard...
    Its Medieval capital Tallinn has one the cleanest air in the world. Everyone finds something interesting here. You need to see this country and its beautiful Medieval cities!
    Heart of the Baltic...
    There are many famous sights to visit. Riga - an ancient city and a meeting place perfect for holidays, you can find spa resorts at the seaside near the city. Riga is divided into Old Town and New areas, besides a lot of the new areas are covered in greenery, therefore Riga is also known as the "flower city".
    Amber Kingdom
    Vilnius - heavenly city, that during summertime is filled with energy: hot air balloons wandering in the sky, people sitting on the ground, enjoying the atmosphere at concerts during the weekends.
    The rebirth of...
    Warsaw - today's Warsaw is also called the World's Green Capital. Besides the palaces and churches the city is surrounded by more than 60 000 hectares of forests, in the city there are more than 70 parks. Warsaw has made miracles with greenery!
    Bohemian spirit
    Prague - here you can enjoy the atmosphere from all eras, architecture and sights in all styles. Red and yellow colours dominate in the dazzling cityscape, so Prague is also called the "Golden City" and "the city of a thousand towers".
    I left my heart...
    Bratislava - happy life, exceptionally beautiful scenery; you can stay either in a bustling city or go and discover the picturesque nature of the country.
    Country that...
    Budapest - Danube River flows through many European cities, but only beautiful Budapest is called the "Danube Jewel" and "Little Paris".
    The green...
    Vienna - picturesque nature: do not miss the Danube river and the Vienna forests; Music: National Opera Theatre and the concerts of the Golden Hall will not disappoint you; Shopping: Swarovski crystals are definitely worth purchasing.
    One of the ten...
    Three National Treasures: blue Danube river, Carpathian Mountains and gorgeous coast of the Black Sea. The ancient small towns of Romania will surprise you!
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