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· News Letter ONE  04.22.2014
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· Destination -  Balkan countries  


Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan peninsula. Bulgaria’s neighbouring countries are Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. The eastern part of the country reaches the Black Sea. Bulgaria is a member of European Union, NATO and the Schengen Convention.
The capital Sofia has a fascinating scenery that attracts a lot of visitors. The world famous city is like a garden. Its roadsides, squares and residential areas are covered in greenery. In addition, there are many hotsprings in Sofia.

The fourth largest city in Bulgaria is Burgas, located on the western coast of the Black Sea. Its history can be tracked back to Ancient Greek Era. In the Medieval times it started developing rapidly. Today it is a famous tourist attraction and travellers’ hub at the Black Sea.

Bulgaria’s main exports are light industrial products, foods and wines, which are successfully competing on European markets.
Fans of folk music will be familiar with a number of Bulgarian musicians. A Bulgarian folk song was included on the Voyager Golden Record which was sent into outer space by NASA. Famous Bulgarians include philosopher Julia Kristeva, Elias Canetti, Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1981, and Christo Javachev (“Christo”), the creator of many unorthodox outdoor sculptures.

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