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· News Letter ONE  04.22.2014
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· Destination -  Balkan countries  


Slovenia is a small country on the foot of the Alps in Southeastern Europe. Its neighbours are Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. Before declaring independence in 1991 Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia. Today Slovenia is a member of the European Union, NATO and the Schengen Convention.

Capital Ljubljana is located on the foot of the Alps, in the northern part of the country. In the architecture of this beautiful city you can clearly see the historic influence of Austria and Italy. Renaissance, baroque, neoclassicism and new art movement meet the medieval atmosphere in Ljubljana. Besides the capital there are several significant places in Slovenia that are worth seeing: on the coast of the Adriatic Sea is an ancient city Piran which has a true medieval atmosphere. Another remarkable attraction in Slovenia is the Europe’s second largest karst cave the Postojna Cave. One of the most popular sights among visitors is the picturesque Lake Bled, situated on the foot of the Alps. It is a lake formed by melt glacier and snow from the mountains. Crystal clean water keeps flowing into the lake that is also called as the “lake of ice”. On the lakeside towers a beautiful castle.

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