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· News Letter ONE  04.22.2014
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· Itinerary -  Baltic States  -  Baltic tour: 11 days, 10 nights

Day one: Arriving Tallinn
After arrival you will meet your tour guide who takes you to the hotel.

Day two: Tallinn
We will visit the Old Town of Tallinn, which is divided into two parts: upper town on the Toompea Hill and lower with medieval residential quarters. First we will head to upper part to the viewing platform, there you can get a bird’s eye view over the city panorama and will feel like you are in a fairy tale world. In the upper part of the Old Town we will also visit St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Estonia's main Russian Orthodox cathedral. Then we will go to the lower part of the Old Town: first head to the City Hall Square. The Medieval City Hall, built in 1313, it is one of the most remarkable of its kind. At the Square there is also Europe’s oldest pharmacy, opened in 1422.
After lunch we will visit the sights at the seaside. At Pirita you can see the Olympic Centre built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics’ sailboat competition. Afterwards we visit Park and Palace Kadriorg, which were built for the wife of Peter the Great in 1718. The park is designed in the English style. Nearby there’s also the Presidential Palace and Russalka Memorial from the 1902.
Afterwards we will have dinner and then return to the hotel.

Day three: Tallinn - Lahemaa National Park
After breakfast we will drive to Lahemaa National Park to enjoy the beautiful nature and see the archaeological heritage of Estonia. Seaside, islands and coastal towns represent the various landscape of this country. Nearby there are around 20 manors from the Baltic-German times. Among them Palmse Manor has become the information centre of the National Park. Palmse manor was built during the turn of 18th and 19th century. It is a typical piece of architecture of its era. Today in the manor there is a museum.
We will drive back to Tallinn and after dinner return to the hotel.

Day four: Tallinn - Saaremaa Island
After breakfast we will drive to Saaremaa - the biggest island in Estonia and a well-know vacation destination in Northeastern Europe with its beautiful beaches and coastal cliffs. On the island there are many unique sights, each different from others. There are many well-preserved old European churches and castles from the 13th and 14th century. We will visit Kuressaare castle and on top of the castle visitors can enjoy Medieval style meal and a picturesque scenery around the place. In the northern part of the island you can visit North European Farm Museum, there you can see various glasswork and handcraft. Furthermore, on the island you will definitely see the beautiful nature with animals and birds in their natural environment.
We will have dinner and then stay on the island for the night.

Day five: Saaremaa Island - Pärnu
After breakfast we will start driving towards the summer capital of Estonia - Pärnu, which is a famous summer resort with beautiful beaches, scenic Old Town and spas. The hotels, wellness centres, leisure activities and public parks make it a comfortable and enjoyable vacation environment.
We will stay in Pärnu for the night.

Day six: Pärnu - Cesis - Sigulda - Riga
After breakfast we will drive to Cesis, a town with a great importance in the history of Latvia. Then we will visit Sigulda, “the Switzerland of Latvia”, the ruins of the bishop castle and the mysterious Gutman cave. Afterwards we will continue our journey to Riga.

Day seven: Riga - Bauska - Kaunas
In the morning after breakfast we will have a tour in Riga, we visit the Dome Church, whose organ, manufactured in 1884, with 6718 pipes, is the biggest organ in the world. We also visit St. Jacob’s Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Riga. Also other parts of the Old Town, the Gunpowder Tower which is the only old watchtower left in the city after several wars.
After the Riga tour we will head to Bauska, there we visit The Rundāle Palace which represents Baroque style architecture. From Bauska we will drive to the second largest city in Lithuania, Kaunas. After arrival we will have dinner and then go to the hotel.

Day eight: Kaunas - Vilnius
After breakfast we take a tour in Kaunas, also known as the “White Swan”. During the Medieval times and also during the Second World War Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania. There we visit City Hall Square. The City Hall is an example of Late Baroque style architecture, but also has some elements from early Classical style. Statue of Maironis: Maironis is one of the most famous Lithuanian poets who unfortunately was accused in being radical by the Soviet power. Kaunas Cathedral was renovated in Baroque style, but its big 15th century Gothic style window is well preserved. There’s also St. Michael the Archangel Church, built in 1893 and a lot more Baroque style churches, galleries and museums. A quite unique sight in Kaunas is the Devil's Museum, where there are hundreds of devil statues from all over the world.
Then we will drive to the “Amber Kingdom”, the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius.

Day nine: Vilnius - Trakai - Druskininkai
In the morning after breakfast we will go to small town Trakai, west from Vilnius. The castle of Trakai on a lake island was built in the eve of the 14th century, during the Medieval times. It has been the imperial palace of the capital. Today the palace island is connected to mainland by wooden bridges. The castle is surrounded by fortification towers on four sides. The courtyard and the main building are separated by a moat and there is only a small bridge over that. The main building includes a 30 m high watchtower and two three-story buildings. This was the residence of the royal family members. Today the castle is opened as a history and art museum that is worth visiting.
From Trakai we will drive to Druskininkai, a small town with hot springs is located 130 km in south from Vilnius. It is the most famous health and wellness centre in the country. We will visit a hot spring centre and experience the local treatment’s efficacy. Afterwards we will go to the hotel for rest.

Day ten: Druskininkai - Vilnius
After breakfast we take a tour in the small town. It is the most popular travelling destination in Lithuania during summertime. There are hot springs rich in minerals, that are very useful for our bodies. Besides the hot springs there are many other activities in this town. Grūto Park is only 7 km from Druskininkai. It is a sculpture garden of Soviet-era statues and an exposition of other Soviet ideological relics from the times of the Lithuanian SSR, founded on 2001.
After lunch we will drive back to Vilnius and take a tour around the city. We visit the most important churches, the Old Town, the Old City Hall which represents the late Baroque style architecture, Presidential Palace, which is a bishop palace from the 15th century etc.
After the tour and we go to the hotel.

Day eleven: leaving Vilnius
After breakfast getting ready for the flight and then heading to the airport to return home.

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